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(from left) Sue Taylor, Official PEAR Project Logo, 1998 - Ilka White, PEAR tapestry 1999 - Kami Smith, Computer manipulated PEAR drawing 2002 - Todd Baxter, PEAR painting, 2002

Portland Emerging Artist Residency (P.E.A.R.)

(No Longer Operating)

Portland's P.E.A.R. Projects were an initiative of Portland CEMA Inc.
They were based on residency programs at Centrum, in Washington State, USA, where successful applicants in a great range of art forms are provided with month long residencies including a stipend, studio space, and accommodation, enabling them to advance their skills in a stimulating cultural environment.

These were fully-funded residencies depending on Regional Arts Funds grants and local sponsorship. Portland Emerging Artist Residencies were widely advertised in 1998 and 2001, helping to promote The Arts Company's excellent facilities to artists everywhere. The six successful applicants spent four to six weeks in Portland. They were paid a stipend, and had free accommodation and studio space. They created new work, gave workshops, lectures and demonstrations, and held exhibitions, while The Arts Company gained experience on managing residencies.

The PEAR Projects were designed to:


Assist emerging artists with time and space to develop or accomplish worthwhile projects.


Stimulate local interest in the residents' art forms, which were chosen to relate to local skills; and to


Raise the profile of Portland as a destination for practicing artists and travelers interested in the arts.

Grants from Regional Arts Funds (Arts Victoria) were achieved in 1998, 2000 and 2001, and Port of Portland sponsorship of $3000 for each Project enabled advertisement, promotion and paid management as well as providing a stipend, accommodation and materials for the successful artists.

Each Project and residency contributed to local management skills and encouraged the development of permanent accommodation at The Arts Company (now the June Hedditch Studio-apartments).

Suitably qualified selection panels in textiles (1999) and painting and drawing (2002) reviewed applications and interviewed short-listed applicants. The successful applicants took up residencies on a contract basis.

Artists were asked to spend some time with interested people so that the stimulus of their ideas was shared with the local community.

The PEAR Projects proved the value of on-site accommodation for visiting artists. The Arts Company then gained grants ($21,000 from Arts Victoria and $10,000 from the Glenelg Shire) and donations to upgrade the artists' accommodation - now the June Hedditch Apartments, available year round to artists at reasonable cost.

PEAR Projects

Series 1, 1999-2000


Manager - Lesley Jackson.

16 applicants.

1999 - Ilka White, (Melbourne), six weeks - weaver.

2000 - Freedom Wilson, (Melbourne) four weeks - fabric screen printing, embellishment, and fashion design.

Emma Ikin, (Tasmania and Melbourne) four weeks - costume design and execution; presentation with performance

Series 2 , 2002

Painting and drawing, with skills in printing and photography.

Manager - Dr. Carmel Wallace

31 applicants.

Kami Smith, (Camden NSW) Six weeks - Painting, digital imaging, screen printing.

Todd Baxter, (Timboon) Six weeks - Painting and panoramic works on paper.

Mark Kerr, (Mildura) three weeks - Photography and display installation.


The 2000 PEAR Project (textiles) was selected for an Arts Victoria booklet cataloguing regional artwork from 80 arts projects which gained Regional Arts Funds. The Arts Accordion is available on Arts Victoria's web site (www.arts.vic.gov.au).